How Do I Carry Out My Work as an AFC Member?

         As a member of the Agricultural and Fishery Council (AFC), I must actively participate in the development of the agriculture and fisheries sector in my community. To carry this out, I have to be familiar with the current agricultural and fisheries situation in my municipality, province and region.

         I have to bring to the attention of the AFC the problems, issues and concerns of the different sectors linked to agriculture and fisheries.

I have to actively participate in all AFC meetings and activities:

I should also be ready to:

Discuss with confidence, agricultural and fishery issues, problems and concerns of the community

Recommend appropriate and attainable solutions

Propose possible policy or action plans, and,

Help in preparing plans and budgets of the local government and the Regional Field Units of the Department of Agriculture (DA-RFU).

I must inform and update my community and other concerned groups of the activities of my AFC so that they may support the council and participate in its projects and mandated tasks.

I have to know what the existing programs and projects on agriculture and fisheries are, regardless of whether they come from the government or any private organization so that I can inform my community of opportunities that are open to them.

I will assist the National Agricultural and Fishery Council (NAFC) and the DA-RFU in evaluating project proposals for possible funding by NAFC.

I will monitor and evaluate existing programs and projects of NAFC and DA.

I will bring to the attention of the AFC any problem encountered during the implementation of the programs and projects.

I shall solicit the support of local officials and all people in the cmmunity for the development of agriculture and fisheries in my area.