The National Agricultural and Fishery Council started forming special committees in 1987 based on specific agricultural and fisheries commodities or functions.

The committees’ goal is to provide a venue for private sector participation in the making of decisions and policies that government would pursue. This is achieved through regular and special meetings, and broader public consultations, when needed.

The output of these meetings and consultations are policy recommendations, and recommendations on programs, projects or specific issues that are submitted to either DA or NAFC, and other government agencies which include congress and the office of the President.

These committees also provide NAFC and the DA with feedback from the private sector regarding agricultural and fishery issues and concerns.

There are seven sectoral committees:


        These committees are composed of members from government agencies dealing with or related to agriculture and fisheries, and volunteer key industry leaders representing farmers and fisher organizations, non-government organizations, agribusiness and manufacturing firms, financing institutions and the academe. NAFC maintains a membership ratio of 60% private sector and 40% government sector.

        The sectoral committees are present at the national, regional, provincial, and municipal levels. At the national level, these sectoral committees are independent bodies but work closely with NAFC that, in turn, acts as the secretariat for the committees.

        In the regional, provincial and municipal/city levels, the sectoral committees are organized within the existing Regional, Provincial and Municipal and City Agricultural and Fishery Councils.

        NAFC encourages interaction between the national and regional sectoral committees in order to bring the issues from the grassroots to the national level and vice versa. 

        Each sectoral committee is chaired by a representative from the private sector. He/she is also assisted by vicechairpersons from the government and private sectors. Officers from the private sector are elected by the committee members while the vice chairperson from the government sector is appointed by the NAFC Chairperson Coordinator who is the Agriculture Secretary.