Proceso J. Alcala
Secretary of Agriculture

Tel no: 920-39-86/43-69



Engr. Ariel T. Cayanan
Executive Director
Tel no.926-2706
Tel fax: 920-3992


Florabelle Uy-Yap
Deputy Exective Director
Tel: 927-8614
Fax: 924-3361

Diosile G. Arida
Chief, Finance
and Administrative

Tel: 920-4097

Elgie L. Namia
Chief, Special Projects Division
Tel: 929-8234
Fax: 920-3992

Elmer G. Estiandan
Chief, Local Support
and Coordination

Tel: 920-4095
Fax: 926-2166

Alexander S. Daroya
Chief, Agricultural
Support and Coordination Division

Tel: 920-1788
Fax: 920-3995

Estrella V. Tulay
Chief, Planning,
Monitoring and Communication Division
Tel: 926-2241
Fax: 920-4092