How does one become a member of the various consultative bodies of the NAFC?

All consultative bodies of the NAFC, namely: the Agricultural and Fishery Councils or AFCs at the regional, provincial, city and municipal levels; the national sectoral commmittees and the National Agriculture and Fisheries Council itself are voluntary and inclusive.

To become a member, an organization or institution, through its authorized representative, should signify its interest to join the consultative bodies through a formal letter addressed to the NAFC’s Executive Director.

In the case of the AFCs, the letter may also be sent to the AFC coordinator at the Department of Agriculture-Regional Field Units, the provincial Agriculturist or equivalent position in the Provincial Government at the provincial level, or the municipal agricultural officer or equivalent position, at the municipal or city levels.

The organizations or institutions have to comply with a set of requirements, including proofs of broad membership and organizational activity over a period immediately preceding the application. Compliance with these requirements are validated by the NAFC staff for national-level organizations and the AFC coordinators for the AFCs.

The final action for the application for membership is rendered by the majority of the AFC members in case of AFCs; the NAFC Executive Director, in the case of the national sectoral committees; and the Secretary of Agriculture, in the case of the NAF Council.

Eminent individuals who have demonstrated firm commitment, and contributed significantly, to the development of various aspects of agriculture and fisheries, may be invited by the Secretary of Agriculture to join the bodies, either as full or honorary members.

Where do the millions generated by the NAFC through the sale of fertilizers and other commodity grants go?

All proceeds from the sale of commodity grants sold by the NAFC are deposited with the Bureau of Treasury, consistent with existing government rules and regulations.

These funds are then allocated for specific agriculture and fisheries development projects approved by the Department of Agriculture, along with the Japanese Government for the Japanese assistance programs, or the US Department of Agriculture, for the US assistance programs.

Does the NAFC manage the ACEF Program and the Farm-to-Market Road Program?

In both cases, the answer is NO. The ACEF program is coordinated by DA’s Project Development Service, headed by OIC-Director Zenaida Villegas; while the FMR Program, is coordinated by the Office of DA Undersecretary for Operations.